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The VCAAA’s ElderHelp Transportation program provides transportation tickets to Ventura County residents 60 and older and people with disabilities FREE OF COST. The program provides Dial-A-Ride Tickets (i.e. paratransit) and/or Fixed Route Bus Tickets for non-emergency medical appointments, shopping, visiting family, etc. Limited, free transportation to medical appointments for low income and frail older adults, and/or disabled adults unable to use the bus (for example, clients requiring gurney transportation) are also available. 

The objective of providing transit options is to help the populations we serve remain independent in their communities and sustain their mobility through changing circumstances. Using public transit or paratransit is a resourceful and environmentally conscious way to get around each city and throughout Ventura County.

COVID-19 Service Updates: The VCAAA is currently providing transportation to and from COVID-19 vaccination and testing sites.

For more information, or to request tickets, call the VCAAA at (805) 477-7300.

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Ventura County Transportation Services


Dial-A-Ride, also know as paratransit, is a transportation service that offers curb-to-curb transit service to eligible riders who are unable to use fixed route buses. To use DAR, riders must call in advance and specify pick-up or drop-off times and locations. Eligibility requirements are set by each transit service provider and may vary throughout the County.


Fixed Route buses run along pre-determined routes on a fixed time schedule. They are open to use by the general public, unlike most DAR/paratransit buses, which are restricted to eligible clients.


Frail older adults and people with disabilities may be eligible to receive door-through-door transportation to medical appointments from ElderHelp Medi-Rides. This service is for individuals who are unable to take regular route bus or dial-a-ride transportation services and who have no other way to get to medical appointments. Transportation can be provided outside of city limits, including throughout Ventura County, Santa Barbara County, and Los Angeles County.

To receive Medi-Rides, individuals must not already receive similar services from others agencies such as Gold Coast Health Plan.

Medi-Rides are limited to one ride per month. Riders will be asked about how they manage their daily activities, such as needing help with walking, bathing, completing chores, and other tasks.

All rides require a minimum of five business days of advance notice to process Medi-Ride Transportation requests.

For more information, or to request a ride or tickets, call the VCAAA at (805) 477-7300.

Title VI Transportation Complaint Process Public Notice
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