An earthquake with an 8.0 magnitude. Unbearable heatwaves. A tsunami with 50-foot waves. Mudslides in La Conchita. Firestorms in Southern California … Are you ready?

Most of us don’t give emergency preparedness much thought. It is generally a passing idea of, “Oh, yes, I need to do that,” or “That is a great idea but …” or “Won’t FEMA or the Red Cross be there to help in an emergency?” As we learned from Hurricane Katrina, most of the victims had to rely on themselves to get out of the disastrous situation. Are you prepared for that?

Preparation is very important and could save your life and the life of your family. Get your emergency supplies ready … have a plan … be prepared. We have gathered together a list of sites and tools to help you become more self-reliant in the event of an emergency. We care … so should you.

VCAAA Advisories

Emergency Preparedness Video

Emergency Preparedness Information

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